What a festival… Alongside some of the premiere independent films from this year – Boyhood, I Origins, Life Itself and The Skeleton Twins to name a few – we made our east coast premiere! What made it sweeter, was that it took place in Massachusetts, where both I and screenwriter Maxwell Nicoll grew up.

Needless to say the environment was buzzing with seasoned vets and promising new filmmakers alike, making for some really great conversation and friendships. But what set this festival apart was the particular emphasis on screenwriting and story. The festival headlined this effort by honoring Mike Cahill, Steve James, and Aaron Sorkin. Equally entertaining was a comedy roundtable led by Ben Stiller. But one of my favorite events consisted of a range of comedians and artists telling stories about when they broke into the film industry. In addition to Fred Willard and Mark Duplass, I got to hear and afterwards meet one of my favorite comedians, Michael Ian Black.


As for Fortissimo, we screened to two packed audiences with great reception! After all the work that went into making the film, it’s just nice to be able to have the opportunity to share it with audiences on both sides of the country… and a great experiment in how different parts of the country approach watching the same film.

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