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June 2013

In the summer of 2011, right after graduating NYU, I embarked on a journey with a non-profit called Bike & Build, which raises money and awareness for affordable housing in the US. Its participants cycle across America (for me, Providence, RI – Half Moon Bay, CA), informing numerous communities about the affordable housing crisis in our country, and stopping to actually work on builds (or as we liked to say – “putting our hammer where our mouth is”).

As you can imagine, it was a life-changing period of time. Not only did it make me examine the creature comforts I’ve become accustomed to, but also gave me a more significant appreciation for our country – both geographically and in terms of human nature – there are just so many good people everywhere.

And of course, I shot footage for a documentary about the experience along the way. I’ve taken some time to grow and reflect since the trip, and I’m now ready to piece it together. So, stay tuned for the documentary!

Recently finished up a music video I produced for The Middle Eight, for their song “Latter Days”.

Matt Christensen, the director and animator was the real hero on this video – he’s an incredibly crafty, creative, think-outside-the-box guy, and I learned a lot working with him. It took months to animate a music video that only lasts a few minutes, which really shows how much focus and dedication is necessary.

Check out the music video, and check out Matt’s other stuff!

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